As a beginner photographer or stylist, styling your own shoots can be hard on the wallet. Learning to work within a budget will help you on the hustle! 

I have been referred to as the queen of thrifting... I once found a vintage pair of Christian Dior sunglasses for $10! & I'm proud to say that after stalking for a good couple of years, I am now on a first name basis with the old birds at the 6 Op-Shops in my local area.... Wait, this word won't make sense to anyone not in Australia

Opportunity Shop


(Austral & NZ) a shop selling second-hand goods for charitable funds. Also called op-shop

Op-shopping can be overwhelming... Here are 5 tips for a successful shopping trip.

  1. PRE-PLAN: Bust out Pinterest and moodboard the shit out of it.
  2. CAFFINE: Always have a coffee (or 3) before you go op-shopping. You need to focus girlfrienddd.
  3. MAP IT OUT: Your less likely to be disappointed if you hit more than one store in a day. 
  4. DON'T JUST SCAN: You need to commit to looking at every single item on each rack. Scanning = failure.
  5. DITCH THE CITY: Shopping in areas that aren't cool will mean the prices will be lower and there aren't any other stylish babes here to steal your shit!

Here's a cool website to help you find your local stores...

I recently purchased some epic rings/earrings from F+H Jewellery and it inspired me to do something a little more high-end looking. I started a Pinterest board & off I went. Here are my final looks!


LOOK1 copy.png

Flared sleeve, lace top with ruffle detail & Granny pencil pants for the win! Sneaky nip coming through the lace says party on the top & business on the bottom, ya feel? HOW AMAZING IS THIS TOP THO!?! I also picked these hoops up from the op-shop for $1, from memory the choker is from Kmart for a cool $3 & rings from F&H.

Marisa Taschke Photo
Marisa Taschke - Pizza Daddi



The bustier was an absolute score! Layering it over this oversized business shirt was a no-brainer! The choker was another op-shop score for $1 ! It adds a super 90's vibe with a velvet band and gold diamanté  heart.

Styling Blog - Marisa Taschke
Styling Blog - Marisa

This dress gives me life! It didn't need a whole lot of accessories because it has a f%*ing awesome shimmer through it, and that's all the bling you need!

blog Marisa

Hope this helps all you broke babes! Let me know which outfit was your fave!

Model: @pizzadaddi - Lisa Stella

HMUA:  @mirandaemblem - Miranda Emblem

Full set of photos coming soooooooon!